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Michelle Pope Avatar
Michelle Pope
6/18/2022 - Google

Nazim treated a cosmetic issue for our daughter, not only were we thrilled with the results, but Nazim and his staff have treated us with respect and kindness throughout the whole procedure, we would recommend this Dentist 100%.

Storm Shadow Avatar
Storm Shadow
6/16/2022 - Google

Brilliant 🙂 I used to use NHS dentists and wasn't very happy with the treatment I was getting , but now I'm really pleased with bilton dental clinic, treatment is first class and all the staff are super friendly.
You couldn't ask for more , best decision i ever made coming here 👍

Paulina Bilska Avatar
Paulina Bilska
6/09/2022 - Google

Went for a routine check up due to my wisdom teeth coming out (and was concerned due to my jaw constantly hurting) dentist was pleasant and said not to worry about these. During the appointment I have expressed I would like to get my teeth cleaned. I was advised I would need both my bottom and top teeth done and in total that would cost me around £150.On the day of the appointment I was 10 minutes late (and have called to advise of this - I asked whether this would be any issue and they advised It will be okay to still come in for the procedure). When I got to the surgery, for what was scheduled a 1hr appointment I was greeted with a huff and puff and advised by the dentist/hygienist that because I am late they will only do the top set of teeth for the same price. I have advised it was a 1hr time slot that was booked and I had 50minutes left which surely will be enough time to do both top and bottom set of teeth. The dentist/hygienist said she will see what she can do.She proceeded to do my top set and literally after 5minutes she stopped and told she was finished. I literally thought it was a joke... Looked at the time on my phone and rubbed my eyes just in case I was mistaken to see that only 5 minutes have gone by. The dentist/hygienist advised she will not proceed to clean the bottom set of teeth as she needs to clear the area after my 'treatment' ready for the next patient. I argued with her, that when I booked the treatment I was told to book 2x 30min slots (each costing approx. £60) so they can do all of my teeth and since in total with me being late only 20minutes have been utilised of the appointment I said I will only be paying £60 which they was appalled by. I don't understand why the dentist/hygienist needed to take 40minutes of MY appointment to CLEAN the area... SURELY it should have been done in between appointments, so they should space appointments out accordingly. Nonetheless, the dentist/hygienist has scrapped the front of my front tooth too hard and it has caused minor discolouration. I was advised by the Dental Practice to write a formal complaint to the manager but have never heard back from them regarding this matter.I could never previously afford PRIVATE dentists so was really excited to get things done properly but after this experience the dentist working on the NHS rate (teeth cleaning £23.95) did a better job and the customer service surpasses this experience! Really disappointed.Unless you are richy rich rich and would like to be robbed in broad daylight, please come to this dentist for a teeth clean... I'm sure they will cash you up pretty quickly. Receptionists were nice but the fact I did not hear back from my formal complaint I was truly disappointed with the customer service/customer experience.

Wendy Broxham Avatar
Wendy Broxham
2/03/2022 - Google

Dr Nazim Bolia and his staff offer an approachable, friendly and professional service. I had dental treatment today and was extremely well treated, and am pleased with the outcome.

Isabel Wood Avatar
Isabel Wood
1/06/2022 - Google

Absolutely love my new smile! I’ve just finished my Invisalign treatment and the whole process has been really easy and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Janine and the team have been so friendly and I couldn’t recommend them enough - they are amazing!

Laurence Cutner Avatar
Laurence Cutner
1/05/2022 - Google

Excellent service, couldn't fault anything. Really pleased with work done.

Rav Avatar
12/30/2021 - Google

Recently completed my Invisalign treatment courtesy of Janine and the rest of the brilliant team at Bilton Dental; the results are far beyond my expectations. From day one, Janine put my mind at ease, made the whole experience straight forward and, dare I say it, enjoyable! Best dentist in the Midlands. Thank you so much Janine & team!

Lina Dwelly Avatar
Lina Dwelly
12/23/2021 - Google

Amazing service. Janine has given me the smile I've always wanted. Thank you so much! I would definitely recommend 😍

Chris O'Brien Avatar
Chris O'Brien
12/21/2021 - Google

I've been coming to this clinic for many years and will continue to do so. The dentists do a great job in a friendly and relaxing manner. The reception team too are helpful and friendly (not something that medical reception desks are known for generally...). I would definitely recommend this clinic.