Cases Gallery

Cases Gallery

Smile Makeover Before
Smile Makeover After

Smile makeover performed on patients very worn down teeth. A mixtures of crowns and composite bonding was used to bring back a very natural result.

Whitening Before
Whitening After

Tooth whitening using the boutique tooth whitening system

White Filling Before
White Filling After

Replacing an old metal amalgam filling for an aesthetic tooth coloured composite

White filling

Tooth coloured composite used to mimic natural teeth

Veneer Before
Veneer After

Porcelain Veneer used to mask an discoloured tooth and bring forward to match the adjacent teeth.

natural crowns, metal free

2 Emax crowns fitted to patients front teeth to disguise cracks and discolouration. Great care is taken during shade an shape selection to ensure a perfect match.

Braces Before
Braces After

Barely visible braces system used to algin this patients teeth. Treatment time was around 6 months.

Invisalign before and After

Invisalign used to close gap in patient teeth

Icon white spot treatment before and after 2

Icon system used to remove white spots from patients teeth. No drilling required, resin infiltration technique used.

Crown Before
Crown After

Old unaesthetic crown replaced with metal free option

Crowns Before
Crowns After

Patients 2 front teeth replaced with accurately matched crowns

Smile Make Over Before and After

Patients upper teeth disguised with a mixture of crowns and veneers to achieve a fantastic new natural smile.