General dentistry

General dentistry in Rugby

The Bilton Dental Clinic team is here to help you with all aspects of dentistry, looking after your overall oral health. From regular check-ups, to fillings, to root canal treatments, we have your every need covered. We work in partnership with you to maintain the health of your teeth and gums throughout your life. Please call 01788 813777 to arrange your appointment – we are welcoming new patients to register now.

What general dental services do we offer?

We can offer you:

Dental check-ups

Dental check-ups
Dental check-ups are essential to your oral health. They can catch problems early, ensuring your teeth and gums stay healthy and helping you to avoid tooth loss. Generally, check-ups are recommended twice a year, but your dentist will be able to advise you individually.
It’s much more cost-effective to treat oral problems early, and it’s better for your health as well. More studies now indicate links between oral health and general health. By looking after your oral health, you could also be reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and pneumonia.

Dental hygiene appointments

Dental hygiene appointments
Regular visits to the hygienist help you maintain good oral health and keep your gums healthy. Your hygienist will carry out a professional clean, known as a scale and polish, removing any build-up of plaque and tartar. This is very important for your gums, and your hygienist will work with you to reverse any early signs of gum disease. They can also make sure that you are brushing and flossing correctly at home to keep your mouth healthy on a day-to-day basis. On the cosmetic front, a scale and polish will help to remove staining from your teeth.
It is generally recommended you see a hygienist every few months. Your dentist or hygienist can advise you further


If you have tooth decay or have damaged a tooth, you may need to have a dental filling. This will seal the tooth, preventing further damage and putting an end to any discomfort you might have been experiencing. The procedure will usually be carried out under local anaesthetic, so your dentist can remove decayed tissue and fill the cavity without causing pain.
There are two main types of filling available: amalgam (silver) fillings, and composite (white) fillings. Amalgam can be more affordable and you may choose this option if you need a filling in a back tooth. White fillings will match your teeth for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, so you may choose to have one of these if the affected tooth is very visible. Your dentist may also be able to preserve more of your natural tooth if you choose a white filling.
If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort, please get in touch as you may need a filling. It’s also important you attend your regular check-ups so we can check your existing fillings and make sure you don’t require any new ones.

Inlays, onlays and crowns

Crowns General dentistry

These three restorative dental options are used to repair teeth when you need more than a filling, but the tooth can still be preserved.

Inlays are cemented into the tooth to seal it in the same way as a filling, but they are used to fill larger cavities.

Onlays cover part of the tooth – they are between an inlay and a crown.

Crowns are caps that are placed over the tooth to restore it where a more thorough repair is needed.

We can provide restorative dentistry if you’re suffering from problems such as damaged teeth, cracks and cavities. All options will take aesthetics into careful consideration, as well as your overall dental health. We will help you find the right solution for you.

Solutions for missing teeth

Missing teeth can cause many problems with your oral health and can prevent you eating normally, as well as affecting your appearance. We can offer you solutions to replace missing teeth, allowing you to eat and drink without worry and resume a normal lifestyle.


Bridges can be used to replace multiple teeth. They are secured onto adjacent teeth to permanently fix them into place – these teeth might be crowned to anchor the bridge. A bridge is a long-term, fixed solution that should feel comfortable in your mouth, supporting the teeth around it for increased stability. This will help to prevent your remaining teeth drifting.


Dentures are the removable tooth replacement option, and they will need to be taken out and cleaned. They can be made to look incredibly realistic, and we will ensure the perfect fit to avoid slipping and movement during wear. Dentures should allow you to eat and drink more freely, let you speak as normal, and be comfortable, fitting snugly over your gums.

If you would like a permanent, long-lasting solution for missing teeth, you can also consider dental implants. These look and feel just like real teeth, and they can last a lifetime. We’ll help you make the right decision for you.

Dental care for children

Dental care for children

It’s essential you look after your child’s teeth, or they can experience problems throughout their life. Encouraging children to take care of their teeth is very important, establishing good routines at a young age. It’s essential your child attends regular dental check-ups so we can look for early signs of plaque, and address it before it leads to decay. We can also advise you and your child on maintaining good oral hygiene at home, setting them up for a lifetime of good oral health.

Cancer screening

Cancer screening

Your dentist can look for early signs of mouth cancer, sometimes referred to as oral cancer, during a regular check-up. You should also look out for signs of mouth cancer yourself and tell your dentist if you have any concerns – these might include:

Small bumps inside your mouth, or on your tongue, gums or lips
Soreness of the mouth or lips that doesn’t go away
Loose teeth

Symptoms may be caused by other dental issues so it’s vital you consult a professional. If your dentist finds any potential signs of mouth cancer, they will be able to refer you on to a specialist for further tests. Mouth cancer that’s caught early will be more treatable, so if you notice any potential symptoms, please get in touch to book an appointment.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment can be used to save a tooth when the pulp inside it has become infected, preventing the need for an extraction. The procedure will remove the infection, before cleaning out the canal and tooth. You will then have a filling, or a dental crown will be fitted, making sure the tooth is no longer vulnerable.

There are various factors that might cause you to need root canal treatment, such as a loose filling or a build-up of dental decay. If you do require the procedure, we will carry it out under local anaesthetic to make sure you’re comfortable. Attending regular check-ups will help you to maintain good oral health, making you less likely to need root canal treatment in future.

Why choose Bilton Dental Clinic for general dentistry?

A team of experts. We have more than 15 years of experience and regularly complete training to keep our dental knowledge up to date.
A range of expertise. If you go on to have a cosmetic dental treatment, an orthodontic treatment or dental implants, we can offer these services under one roof.
Dental plans to assist with costs. Find out more about our fees and the dental plans we can offer to make dentistry more affordable.
Support in achieving good oral health. Our dentists and hygienists are friendly and supportive – we’re always happy to offer advice to help you maintain good oral health throughout your life.
Dentists for the whole family. We treat children and adults, creating a welcoming environment at our clinic.