Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry in Rugby

Cosmetic dentistry in Rugby

We are experts in cosmetic dentistry, offering you a range of options to improve your smile – and your confidence. We find the right solution for you, based on your teeth, your oral health and your lifestyle. Talk to us about your options and set up a free consultation with one of our dental surgeons. Call 01788 813777 to arrange your appointment.

What cosmetic dentistry options are available?

We offer four main options for solving cosmetic dental concerns:

Find out more about each one and discover how you can improve your smile with Bilton Dental Clinic.

Cosmetic white fillings

Cosmetic white fillings
A white filling is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to a silver filling, as it will blend in with your teeth. White fillings (which might also be known as composite fillings) can be used to treat dental problems such as chipped teeth and cavities, without compromising on appearance.

Are cosmetic fillings right for you?

You may need to have a new filling if:
You have a cavity caused by decay
You have a chipped tooth
You want to replace an existing amalgam (silver) filling
These are some of the reasons why dental veneers could benefit you:
White fillings blend in with your natural teeth. The composite material can match the shade, translucency and texture of your own natural teeth for a highly realistic look.
Fillings aren’t just used to fill cavities – they can also reshape teeth and improve their appearance. Your dentist may be able to repair teeth using composite material if you have a crack or chip.
You can feel confident in your smile. Silver (amalgam) fillings can make you feel self-conscious – especially when they’re visible. White fillings are a good alternative.
Dental veneers

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are wafer-thin layers of material that are attached to the front surface of teeth to improve their appearance. They are a permanent cosmetic solution that can last for many years when properly looked after, so you can stop worrying about how your teeth look and start loving your smile.

Are veneers right for you?

You may choose veneers if you have:
Tooth discolouration
Wear and tear or damaged teeth (often caused by grinding)
Gaps between teeth
Tooth alignment issues
These are some of the reasons why white fillings might be a good option for you:
Minimal preparation needed. Sometimes your dentist will need to shave a small amount of enamel off your teeth to make sure veneers fit properly. Sometimes no preparation is needed at all.
Pick your appearance. Opt for the beautiful white teeth you’ve always wanted, or a subtle change that gives you more confidence in your smile. Veneers are highly customisable.
Veneers can last for many years. If they’re well looked after, you can generally expect veneers to last at least 10-15 years. We’ll give you all the advice you need on looking after them.
Choose individual veneers or a whole smile makeover. If you want individual veneers, we will ensure they match the appearance of your teeth. Have as many or as few as you need.

If you have concerns about the alignment of your teeth, we also offer orthodontic treatment using invisible braces for discrete, comfortable straightening.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening
If you’ve noticed your teeth becoming discoloured over time, you’re not alone. Everyday foods and drinks such as citrus fruits, coffee and red wine can gradually stain and discolour your teeth, making you self-conscious about your smile. You might experience more tooth discolouration if you smoke – plus, your teeth can simply lose their natural sparkle as you age.
We use simple, professional techniques to gradually and gently whiten your teeth, making sure we achieve the perfect shade for you.

Is tooth whitening right for you?

Many patients come to us wanting whiter teeth. Here are some of the reasons why you might be considering tooth whitening:
Stained teeth
A dull appearance to your teeth
Self-consciousness due to the colour of your teeth
A big event, such as a wedding
How tooth whitening can help you:
Improved confidence in your smile. Achieve the shade you’ve always wanted – we’ll help you pick the perfect one to suit you.
A simple process. We take impressions of your mouth and make custom whitening trays so you can carry out the process easily at home.
No long-term side effects. You may experience some sensitivity, but this will subside quickly. We can recommend whitening products for those with sensitive teeth.
A quick solution. Your teeth will be whitened in just a few weeks, giving you fast results, but with complete control.

It’s always advisable to undertake tooth whitening with the guidance of a professional dentist. This will ensure you achieve the perfect shade, in a safe and controlled manner. You should also attend regular dental appointments and hygienist appointments to look after your newly whitened teeth and maintain their appearance.

Whitening Before
Whitening After
White spot treatment

White spot treatment

White spots can affect the appearance of your teeth, making them look stained or mottled. We can help rid your teeth of white spots once and for all, using a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment.

Is white spot treatment right for you?

White spots can be caused by:
Fluorosis – this occurs when you have a very high fluoride intake as your adult teeth are developing
Decalcification – this is the loss of minerals from the enamel and can occur during fixed brace treatment
Molar incisor hypoplasia – this is a malformation in the enamel development of specific teeth
Trauma to baby teeth – this can cause permanent blemishes on your adult teeth
White spot treatment will:
Restore the natural appearance of your teeth
Be pain free – there’s no need for drilling or anaesthetic
Work in as little as 60 minutes

Many people mistake white spots for general staining on their teeth, but normal whitening will make little difference. Book a free consultation so we can help you find the right cosmetic dental treatment for you.

Why choose Bilton Dental Clinic for cosmetic dental treatments?

Experts in cosmetic dental treatments. We will advise you on the best treatment options, to improve your smile and your confidence.
Free consultations. We’ll be happy to welcome you into our clinic for a free consultation, so you can discuss your options with a dental expert.
The latest technology. We use the latest technology for all treatments involving white fillings, veneers, teeth whitening and white spot treatment. We achieve the best possible results.
Affordable dentistry. Learn more about fees for our dental treatments, and our finance options – we can discuss these further with you at your consultation.
Dedicated aftercare. Our team of dentists and hygienists is here to help you look after your beautiful new smile.